About Driving Creek

The Driving Creek Railway climbs 2.7km from the Base Station at 55 metres above sea level to EyeFull Tower at 167 metres above sea level, a total climb of 115 metres. With an average gradient of 1-in-24.1 (1 vertical metre for every 24.1 metre of length) the Driving Creek Railway is New Zealand’s steepest railway.

Unlike most other tourist railways, this railway is newly built rather than being an old line that has been restored. It is New Zealand’s only narrow-gauge mountain railway.

EyeFull Tower Rail Tour


Climb aboard for a captivating one-hour railway journey and be inspired by the story of one man’s lifetime passion to bring Art, Conservation and Engineering together to create Driving Creek.

Glow Worm Barbeque Tour


Each evening through summer we provide an exciting 7pm departure Barbeque Tour to EyeFull Tower where you can watch the sunset and enjoy your own barbeque dinner. 

Much more to see and do!

Pottery & Craft Shop
Open every day with a range of local studio pottery and crafts.


Wildlife Sanctuary & Sculpture Garden
Visitors to Driving Creek are able to wander through our predator free fenced sanctuary & sculpture garden. See the giant clay Kauri Tree Sculpture.

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